Colts v. Bears

31 Aug

I must mention that I’ve been planning this pick for about a year now. I was hesitant with Luck at QB but I’m doing it anyways. I’m taking Colts +9.5.

Confused? Well here’s my reasoning, The worst team in the NFL the prior season (the Colts 2-14) are absurd in Week 1 ATS. I believe the stat I heard last year was 9-1 ATS (in the last decade) when the prior years worst team is an underdog in Week 1. The reason I was worried about Luck is I thought the spread might be buffered a little from Luck-y bandwagoners (aha) betting the Colts. At +9.5 that seems unlikely.

The Bears are a good team this year and typically good at home. They have revamped their receiving core with Brandon Marshall and, my sleeper for fantasy, Alshon Jeffery. The Colts have found a preseason leader in Luck and seem to be buying into his abilities as a rookie. Both teams have had more time last year to prepare for the season and are ready to play.


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