Flying Gnomes attack Brockport students

12 Sep

ImageGnomes are typically nice folk but today, September 12, 2012, a flip was switched and they unleashed relentless attacks on students walk to class this morning.

A few Gnomes were spotted on the roofs of dorm buildings at SUNY Brockport and many were concerned for the reasoning at approximately 7 am EST. A few minutes later a sprawling attack was unleashed and Gnomes jumped off the building onto unsuspecting students causing a raucous on the sidewalks, spreading into the cafeteria while breakfast was being served. The Gnomes only flew around the campus pushing students in different directions for a few hours. Fortunately, no students were injured during this incident but many were stranded from their usually Wednesday morning classes.

Gnomes, of the garden variety, are typically found within a few yards of old ladies porches or more recently online sites travelling around the world.


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