Picks fitting for the end of the world

21 Dec


Not a great week last week. Fortunately, I doubled down on the Panthers after seeing how bad my 1pm EST games were looking. The world is supposed to end today, although I wasn’t given any warning of the skies falling from Australia yet, so I got my picks in already. Waiting on some of these lines could be helpful if you want the hook moved or better juice.

Seahawks 49ers pick
Cowboys Saints -3.0
Giants Ravens -2.5
Browns Broncos 13.5
Buccaneers Rams -3.0
Vikings Texans 7.5

These games are listed in order of how much I like them.

Seahawks pick 49ers – The public my push this line to +1 because they saw the Niners do well against the Patriots, making a statement to be ranked the best team in the league. My issue, and I took the 49ers to win the Superbowl before week 1, is that they can’t win the Superbowl with Kapernick. This is the same reason I’m taking the Seahawks. Russell Wilson has nerves of steel (see the call). Yes, it was the wrong call but that’s still a great throw as a rookie.

Cowboys -3 (+105) Saints – I got burned with the Cowboys last week, I thought they’d be distracted with off-the-field incidences but they took the game into OT and won it. After seeing   the last two weeks, I think the ‘boys are on a roll and take it to the Saints pulling it off pre-OT this time. Calling it 24-20.

Giants -2.5 Ravens – Love the hook on this game. The Ravens are sliding and Gmen are coming back from a blowout in Atlanta. Coughlin may kill his players if they lose this game. I like them on the road to cover the points.

Browns +13.5 Broncos – I don’t see the Broncos running up the score in this one. The Browns could be this years’ best-worst team. A crappy record but decent defense doesn’t allow teams to cover by two touchdowns.

Buccaneers -3 Rams – Yes, yes, yes I keep taking the Bucs and keep losing with them. Something’s gotta change, right?

Vikings +7.5 Texans – AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, is going for the rushing record and should be able to conquer a good Texans run defense. Even if the Texans expect the run and stack the box, Christian may ponder (ha!) throwing the ball against a bad pass defense. I like this as a upset but won’t put much on it. Calling it Vikings 21-20.

Good luck and may you cover!


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