Hardest game(s) of the year

17 Jan

A bad week following an awful season. I should try to be wrong and then maybe I’ll get some right. Well the last two weeks of the season are here. When I use to play sports the semi-final game, or the game to get you into the championship is the hardest game you’ll play all season. The reasoning is that you must execute everything you’ve learned to get to the championship game. If you don’t get there no one will remember you (unless you’re the USSR in the Lake Placid Olympics) and peeps won’t remember you for how hard you played unless you win. The championship or Super Bowl game has a totally different mentality. You’re there, you’re playing for all the marbles, coaches don’t need to coach anymore, talent will speak for itself, and the best team usually wins.

With that said I should prolly take the favorites going into this weekend but I’ve been wrong enough this year. I like the underdog mentality for the Ravens and the Falcons. They haven’t gotten enough respect and I see them trying to prove something before a Super Bowl no one expected.

Ravens +9 Patriots – Belichek and Brady execute seamlessly but Flacco is a bit underrated but could continue the trend of bad QBs to win the Lombardi trophy for Baltimore. Calling it Ravens 27 – Patriots 24

Falcons +4 49ers – Kaepernick-ing isn’t that cool. I’ve been kissing my biceps for years and it never caught on. But I digress. Last week every announcer in America said the Falcons’ D couldn’t defend Russell Wilson because of the footage they viewed when they played Cam Newton. Somehow this didn’t work but peeps are saying the same thing about Kaep. If Matty Ice can score in any given 25 seconds I don’t think they’ll lose. Calling it Falcons 26 – 49ers 24

Check this out Monday and I’ll put a couple Super Bowl polls up.

Good luck and may you cover!


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