WWC: Monday & Tuesday matches

15 Jun

Have you made 30% on money that’s just sitting around? My ROI is above 30% and my record is 8-6-2 (with a few big picks pending). An extra 30% of funds that were just sitting around turns in to a nice weekend.

I understand I won’t keep this awesome ROI climbing forever but when I want to gloat, I’m gonna gloat damnit. Cameroon beat France in one of the biggest upsets in international soccer play ever. Costa Rica tied Korea, which I bet, and was a surprise for some as they were a 1.5 point underdog.

For Monday and Tuesday matches, I’m skipping a few because I don’t like the prices, and I don’t see outright mismatches from my data set and the spread. My picks are below (all picks were +105):

Thailand +6.5 v Germany: SIX AND A HALF GOALS?! What? That’s huge and just plain not nice. Germany beat Ivory Coast 10-0 but Thailand is a better team and I don’t see a 6.5 point spread getting covered here.
New Zealand +0.0,0.5 v China: If I get burned here, so be it. I’m 0-2-1 in bets involving China. My rankings have China as a lesser team than the Kiwis so I’ll take the points and get paid a little for a draw.
Cameroon-Switzerland U2.5: I don’t anticipate many goals in this game. The total combined WGF for these teams are less than 2, so I’ll take the under with the extra juice.
USA-Nigeria O3.5: These teams score a lot but will they be able to against each other. USA allowed only one goal yet but Nigeria has let in 5 in two matches. I think USA should pull out a 3-1 or 4-1 victory.

I’ll be watching a few of these games to check in on my action. It should be a successful Monday and Tuesday. Anyone else like these picks as much as I do?


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