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For All the Marbles!

30 Jan

Last pick of the season = The Superbowl

It took me awhile to decide which way I was going to go this week. There may be a million props but there’s only one game. Well here it goes (listing the percentages of the total amount for picks):

Ravens +3.5 49ers (68%)- I like the Ravens playing as  an underdog again. Flacco is playing to be known in the books and he’s about to sign a humongous contract if he plays well Sunday. The Ravens have a great defense, sure the 49ers have a better one per the stats, but the Ravens have been banged up all season and had two week to recover and prepare for this one. Keep in mind I have a future pick for the 49ers to win the Superbowl at 10-1 from the start of the season. I could hit both with this pick.

Ravens ML 49ers (30%)- Think I’m crazy, just wait. I don’t see Kaepernick having an all out performance like v. the Packers. I think his mistakes will come later in the game instead of early on when he could recover from them. I should hedge this bet by taking the over on all of Kaep’s stats available but I’m confident with boring ol’ Flacco. My future pick of the 49ers would match the amount of this pick if lost.

Ravens win by 4-6 points +800 (2%) – I told you, crazier. It’s gonna be a 4 or 6 point game, I wish I could trade the 5 for an 8 but what can ya do? Flacco will win this game in the fourth on a last second TD drive or Kaepernick will be sacked twice on a possible game winning TD drive. Either way I’m stoked for this one, calling it Ravens 23-17 49ers.

Good luck and may you cover!


Turkey Day

21 Nov

Da Bears didn’t do much of anything Monday night. That loss didn’t feel too good. I don’t like the spreads for the Turkey Day games for a few reasons.

Patriots -6.5 Jets: Sure I would take the Pats in this but the Jets showed up against the Rams and it is a division game.

Texans -3 Lions: This doesn’t make sense. Sure, the Lions are home and they typically play on Turkey Day but if I set this line it would be near the 6 or 7 range. Maybe the Texans going into OT v the Jaguars is dissuading bettors.

Redskins +3 Cowboys: The Cowboys are such a ‘Johnny come lately’ team. They show up one week then take a couple weeks off. I won taking the Browns and this is also a divisional game in Dallas (Cowboys don’t do well there*).

All in all I don’t like any of these spreads and will only take them if I get really bored and need something to gamble on after my hangover and before the Turkey on Thursday.

* Cowboys are 2-2 at home this season but 28-15-1 on Thanksgiving games

Good luck and may you cover!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 6 picks

14 Oct

No time for reasonings I’ll just list my picks:

All over Seahawks (+4) v Patriots

49ers (-6.5) v Giants

Rams-Dolphins Over 38

Raiders (+9.5) v Falcons

Cowboys-Ravens Under 44.5

Flying Gnomes attack Brockport students

12 Sep

ImageGnomes are typically nice folk but today, September 12, 2012, a flip was switched and they unleashed relentless attacks on students walk to class this morning.

A few Gnomes were spotted on the roofs of dorm buildings at SUNY Brockport and many were concerned for the reasoning at approximately 7 am EST. A few minutes later a sprawling attack was unleashed and Gnomes jumped off the building onto unsuspecting students causing a raucous on the sidewalks, spreading into the cafeteria while breakfast was being served. The Gnomes only flew around the campus pushing students in different directions for a few hours. Fortunately, no students were injured during this incident but many were stranded from their usually Wednesday morning classes.

Gnomes, of the garden variety, are typically found within a few yards of old ladies porches or more recently online sites travelling around the world.


27 Aug

A winner

Wedding speech

15 Aug

I’m giving a speech at my buddy’s wedding. I’ve known him since 5th grade, and his bride since 1st grade. It will be a great weekend. Gonna offer some prop bets on the contents of my speech:

Word count O/U 400

Bride (+140) or Groom’s (-150) name said the most during the speech

Largest word used in speech O/U 10.5

Any picks placed will be considered a donation to my friends’ honeymoon to Rome, Italy. Winners may have a celeb-shot for a 4-team parlay post for NFL Week 1.