Fantasy football odds

19 Aug

Here are the updated odds for the 518 Cronies league:

Teams at 8-1:


Teams at 9-1:

  • *****’S BEST TEAM

The rest:


Prop bets currently available:

-250 Guys – Ladies (incl. J&M) 175
-110 Over Sum of phone digits (32.5) Under -110

Top finisher between Alex, Craig, Jeff, & Steve +270

Matchups (best finish, no collusion):

-110 WATERMELONS v. An actual watermelon -110

Other props will be available upon request

Mini Golf Bet-aganza!

31 May

I will cover a brief description of the rules and typical bets for ‘Mini Golf Bet-aganza!’

Any bet types / trades / transactions / props, that do not involve collusion, may be offered.

First hole starting order will be determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament (most wins will pick putting position, and ties will have rematch, all RPS matches are best of 3).

First putt must be from hole on putting mat at each hole. If no putting mat is offered a decision will be made at said hole.

Any type of putt with the club end of putter is allowed. One may cross any ‘boundary’ necessary to make the hole.

If ball land out-of-bounds (OOB) one may choose to take a stroke and replace ball one club width from where the ball left the course or play on without taking any penalties.

Balls submersed in water (not on the edge of a puddle) do not have the option to play on.

One mulligan is allowed on the 18 first putts of a hole. Decision to take mulligan must be announced by saying “Mulligan” prior to the next playing putting their first shot.

Farthest from hole will play their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th shots first. No balls may be marked. You may strike opponents balls’ on purpose (see diagrams below).


Black circle is hole, blue is taking 2nd shot


One club width will be given before your shot if your ball is next to the wall or other immovable objects. (see diagram below)


Betting (may be changed):

$1 per hole per person.

If everyone ties, pot continues to next hole (3 straight tied holes, from all players, would result in $20 pot on fourth hole).

Less than everyone ties, those that tied will decide if they would like to split (boo!), or continue side-pot between them in next hole, or double down on next hole (yeah buddy!). Double-down would be if two peeps tie in hole #1, then hole #2 is would be the $5 pot from hole #1 plus the amount doubled-down for $1 (5+1+1=7). If hole #2 is tied and double option is taken again hole #3 is (5+1+1+2+2). Other methods are permitted. If the double option is not agreed by all tied players there will be a split payout of the pot. There are no restrictions, beside collusion, in ‘Bet-aganza!’

Low score for the course wins $20 ($5 from each player).

Hole in one = Bonus $1 from every player (normally would be $4 profit, increases to $8; $1 + 1 = $2 from each player).

If two players get hole in one on same hole, they will each win $1 from each player, and decide what to do with the halved hole.

Odds offered on course score for non-players are:

Alex +300

Steve +300

Matt +400

Jeff +400

Craig +400

For All the Marbles!

30 Jan

Last pick of the season = The Superbowl

It took me awhile to decide which way I was going to go this week. There may be a million props but there’s only one game. Well here it goes (listing the percentages of the total amount for picks):

Ravens +3.5 49ers (68%)- I like the Ravens playing as  an underdog again. Flacco is playing to be known in the books and he’s about to sign a humongous contract if he plays well Sunday. The Ravens have a great defense, sure the 49ers have a better one per the stats, but the Ravens have been banged up all season and had two week to recover and prepare for this one. Keep in mind I have a future pick for the 49ers to win the Superbowl at 10-1 from the start of the season. I could hit both with this pick.

Ravens ML 49ers (30%)- Think I’m crazy, just wait. I don’t see Kaepernick having an all out performance like v. the Packers. I think his mistakes will come later in the game instead of early on when he could recover from them. I should hedge this bet by taking the over on all of Kaep’s stats available but I’m confident with boring ol’ Flacco. My future pick of the 49ers would match the amount of this pick if lost.

Ravens win by 4-6 points +800 (2%) – I told you, crazier. It’s gonna be a 4 or 6 point game, I wish I could trade the 5 for an 8 but what can ya do? Flacco will win this game in the fourth on a last second TD drive or Kaepernick will be sacked twice on a possible game winning TD drive. Either way I’m stoked for this one, calling it Ravens 23-17 49ers.

Good luck and may you cover!

Superbowl poll!

21 Jan

The Ravens and 49ers are in the Superbowl, teams I didn’t like because of their coaching decisions are the last teams remaining and last game of the year to make a pick for. I took the 49ers with a preseason future bet so I will win something even if I take the Ravens. I gave serious consideration to this exact matchup in preseason which would’ve paid 20-1 but oh well.

Ravens: Ray Lewis will be a major headline and their team successfully united around preventing his retirement party. They played better of both games this week. Flacco is playing great and won’t be the worst QB to win it all if he does. As pointed out by a fellow degenerate gambler, the best team in the league doesn’t win the Superbowl. Although I disagree with this, I see his point; that the NFL is the only professional sport not to play a best-of-X series and a team can win it all by getting lucky or playing better on one day.

49ers: Kaepernick is better than advertised but also has a phenomenal coach. Jim Harbaugh didn’t run Kaep’ much at all during the Falcons game yet. The reasoning for this seems to be that the Falcons were prolly preparing for it all week and when a spy is watching the QB just hand it off and your RB will score 2+ TD’s on the same play. Defense wins championships and although the ‘Niners gave up more points on Sunday,  they have the better D.

All in all, I have no clue who I’m picking yet.

Who would you?

Hardest game(s) of the year

17 Jan

A bad week following an awful season. I should try to be wrong and then maybe I’ll get some right. Well the last two weeks of the season are here. When I use to play sports the semi-final game, or the game to get you into the championship is the hardest game you’ll play all season. The reasoning is that you must execute everything you’ve learned to get to the championship game. If you don’t get there no one will remember you (unless you’re the USSR in the Lake Placid Olympics) and peeps won’t remember you for how hard you played unless you win. The championship or Super Bowl game has a totally different mentality. You’re there, you’re playing for all the marbles, coaches don’t need to coach anymore, talent will speak for itself, and the best team usually wins.

With that said I should prolly take the favorites going into this weekend but I’ve been wrong enough this year. I like the underdog mentality for the Ravens and the Falcons. They haven’t gotten enough respect and I see them trying to prove something before a Super Bowl no one expected.

Ravens +9 Patriots – Belichek and Brady execute seamlessly but Flacco is a bit underrated but could continue the trend of bad QBs to win the Lombardi trophy for Baltimore. Calling it Ravens 27 – Patriots 24

Falcons +4 49ers – Kaepernick-ing isn’t that cool. I’ve been kissing my biceps for years and it never caught on. But I digress. Last week every announcer in America said the Falcons’ D couldn’t defend Russell Wilson because of the footage they viewed when they played Cam Newton. Somehow this didn’t work but peeps are saying the same thing about Kaep. If Matty Ice can score in any given 25 seconds I don’t think they’ll lose. Calling it Falcons 26 – 49ers 24

Check this out Monday and I’ll put a couple Super Bowl polls up.

Good luck and may you cover!

Playoff props galore!

11 Jan

1-3 last week. Shucks. And this week of the playoffs looks difficult. Peeps are going hard on both sides of most every game and only having 4 available makes it tough. Fortunately with fewer games the more ridiculous the prop bets get. My picks and props below:

Ravens +16 Broncos & Texans +15.5 Patriots (6 point teaser) – Sure it looks easy but who knows. Winning both of these pay the same as a regular pick with the regular spread. Playoff games shouldn’t be blowouts and both the Ravens and Texans have a chance to win outright.

Ravens – Broncos U46 – P. Manning isn’t phenomenal playing outdoors late in the season. This will be his biggest test of the season. The high for the day is a whopping 19 degrees. Gonna be cold, suit up and get ready for a field goal contest.

Ravens – Broncos Longest TD yardage U44.5 – I don’t see Manning bombing passes with it being so cold out, nor do I see Ray Rice busting a draw play for 45 yards.

49ers-Packers 1st quarter U9: I saw this prop and thought ‘Wow, it’ll go way over 9’ Then looking at the research, both teams have really low scoring 1st quarters.

As for picking the games straight up I like the Broncos, Packers, Atlanta, & Texans.

Good luck and may you cover!

Prop bets found here!

Update: Ugh, this week is not looking good.

Playoffs?! Playoff?! Wild Card Weekend

4 Jan

Just went through my regular season picks and it looks like I scored a dismal 48% going 31-33-0. Somehow I’m still floating and hope to have enough confidence left to actually post a Superbowl pick. 

Time to use all of what’s left in the account and blow it before the ‘bet-to-end-all-bets (to be continued)’ Only four games this week so I’ll pick em all straight up and with the spreads.

Bengals +4.5 Texans – Although I like the Texans to win, I think this will be a low scoring field goal battle.

Vikings +7.5 Green Bay – I don’t know if I’ll pull the trigger on the streaking Vikes but I definitely like the points. Green Bay in a squeaker 21-20

Colts +6.5 Ravens – I like the Ravens to win but this should be a low scoring overtime battle.

Seahawks -2.5 Redskins – The Pete Carroll’s are underrated by a field goal here. They may be on the road but their D is on adderal so I see them taking it to the house 27-18

Team to win the Superbowl – Well I took the 49ers at the beginning of the season, so for so good but they can’t do it with Kapernick. No rookie QB will win it so that eliminates the Seahawks, Redskins, and Colts. Ravens won’t because they fired their offensive coordinator when they had a winning record and that’s bad karma. The Broncos and Falcons can’t win cause they’re the one seeds. We’re left with the Patriots/Texans/Bengals in the AFC so I’ll take the Texans per above and because I hate Tom Brady. In the NFC we have the Vikings and Packers remaining and above I took the Pack so I’ll stick with them to even win it all.

Packers Superbowl 7-1

Packers NFC 3-1

Texans AFC 6-1

I would suggest taking each time these teams play and rolling the winnings into the next week because it will pay better than the odds listed above. If you really have faith in me you should parlay both the Packers and Texans moneylines the whole way and let-it-ride on the Pack to win it but then again since I’m picking these teams they prolly won’t win at all.

Good luck and may you cover!

For those that have the extra for their picks, sign up here!

Meaning-less/ful week 17 picks

28 Dec

Going 2-4 last week was not what I planned. Glad I picked up the Vikings moneyline though. Week 17 is usually a tough week for picks, as some teams need to win (and fall on their face), and some teams don’t care (but play out of their minds). My picks below:

Colts +6.5 Texans – Pagano is back leading to a pumped up Colts team and stadium. The Texans have never won in Indy and I don’t see them beating cancer like Chuck did. Calling it Colts 23 – Texans 20 [game is ‘marked’ by most books so their not offering a moneyline yet]

Lions +3 Bears – The next two picks I’m taking because of what’s at stake; Calvin Johnson needs 108 yards to reach 2,000 receiving yards for the season. They give him all the passes he can handle to reach that mark. The Bears are not a legit team and I see failure in Detriot on Sunday.

Vikings +3.5 Packers – I mentioned AP being the reason the Vikings would win last week. He wasn’t the reason for them winning but they still took out the Texans. The Vikings are playing to make the playoffs and I think AP’s teammates will play harder trying to get him 207 yards.

Well I’m riding the ‘dogs this week, hope they come through.

Good luck and may you cover!

Picks fitting for the end of the world

21 Dec


Not a great week last week. Fortunately, I doubled down on the Panthers after seeing how bad my 1pm EST games were looking. The world is supposed to end today, although I wasn’t given any warning of the skies falling from Australia yet, so I got my picks in already. Waiting on some of these lines could be helpful if you want the hook moved or better juice.

Seahawks 49ers pick
Cowboys Saints -3.0
Giants Ravens -2.5
Browns Broncos 13.5
Buccaneers Rams -3.0
Vikings Texans 7.5

These games are listed in order of how much I like them.

Seahawks pick 49ers – The public my push this line to +1 because they saw the Niners do well against the Patriots, making a statement to be ranked the best team in the league. My issue, and I took the 49ers to win the Superbowl before week 1, is that they can’t win the Superbowl with Kapernick. This is the same reason I’m taking the Seahawks. Russell Wilson has nerves of steel (see the call). Yes, it was the wrong call but that’s still a great throw as a rookie.

Cowboys -3 (+105) Saints – I got burned with the Cowboys last week, I thought they’d be distracted with off-the-field incidences but they took the game into OT and won it. After seeing   the last two weeks, I think the ‘boys are on a roll and take it to the Saints pulling it off pre-OT this time. Calling it 24-20.

Giants -2.5 Ravens – Love the hook on this game. The Ravens are sliding and Gmen are coming back from a blowout in Atlanta. Coughlin may kill his players if they lose this game. I like them on the road to cover the points.

Browns +13.5 Broncos – I don’t see the Broncos running up the score in this one. The Browns could be this years’ best-worst team. A crappy record but decent defense doesn’t allow teams to cover by two touchdowns.

Buccaneers -3 Rams – Yes, yes, yes I keep taking the Bucs and keep losing with them. Something’s gotta change, right?

Vikings +7.5 Texans – AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP, is going for the rushing record and should be able to conquer a good Texans run defense. Even if the Texans expect the run and stack the box, Christian may ponder (ha!) throwing the ball against a bad pass defense. I like this as a upset but won’t put much on it. Calling it Vikings 21-20.

Good luck and may you cover!

Shake it like a salt shaka – Week 15

15 Dec

Going 5-1 last week was awesome if not just plain skeet. Hoping for a dog-filled weekend of fun. My picks below:

Jaguars Dolphins 7.5
Colts Texans 9.5
Steelers Cowboys -1.5
Buccaneers Saints 3.5
Panthers Chargers +135

Jaguars +7.5 Dolphins: It hurt me to take this pick but the Dolphins are bad at home and the Jaguars are better when they play on the road, I like where the hook is, calling it Dolphins 23 Jaguars 17

Colts +9.5 Texans: A lot of people are on the Colts this game, I also couldn’t turn down 9.5 points against the team I saw play against the Pats Monday night. These teams are in the same division, but haven’t played each other yet. There next game together is week 17, nice job with that scheduling. Division games aren’t typically a 10-point blowout (ignore last week Seahawks-Cardinals game).

Steelers -1.5 Cowboys: Two reasons, Big Ben is back, and Cowboys will be distracted from thinking about there teammates passing the previous Saturday.

Buccaneers +3.5 Saints: The Bucs have lost 3 straight so I see Schiano pulling out a few knives to get the victory. (Side note: anybody else confused that Schiano wants kickoffs abolished because one of his Rutgers players was paralyzed during a return but he continues to rush the QB when down by 8 with the other team in victory formation?)

Panthers +135 Chargers: I don’t believe the Chargers actually won last week against the Steelers (note if Brown had kicked the ball out of the endzone for a safety, instead of a fumble recovered TD, the game could’ve been different). I think the Panthers are streaking and Cam Newton may have more sponsors than wins but his commercials are hilarious.

Good luck and may you cover!