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Montreal Impact v. DC United 8/25

24 Aug

I like dabbling with MLS picks, mainly cause I have an unsubstantiated notion that Vegas doesn’t know enough about American soccer, or maybe just the people betting on it have no clue what they’re doing.

Let’s see if I can prove myself wrong.

I’m taking Montreal Impact at -0.5 (+111). Main reasons: They’re on a 4 game win streak, have had 3 extra days rest than DC, are home, and are looking to not only get themselves in the playoffs but to knock DC out. DC had an ugly, ref-induced tie in Philly a week ago, then took it to Chicago at home and won 4-2. I think that got the tie out of their system and now play in Montreal in 3 days.

That fact that this has playoff implications makes me want to take the over (2.5, -125) but I haven’t been doing to well with those lately. I see this game being decided on who scores in the crucial 10 minutes post halftime but still have a feeling Montreal takes it. I’ll predict 3-1 Montreal to support the over.

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