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Situational losing and betting

17 Jun

Mondays bets were great. Tuesdays not so much. As a reminder, all of my bets are posted here. The data I’ve compiled has revealed really good predictions for the outcomes of a few games. ROI is still fantastic (~28%) but to get better over the long haul I should’ve incorporated ‘situational‘ betting earlier. Tuesdays losses were due to not factoring in the situation. I’m confident the USA would beat Nigeria 3-1 (they still had the opportunities to do this yesterday) if this wasn’t the 3rd group game. The USA only needed a win to win their group and after Sweden equalized with Canada, the USA could’ve won the group with a tie. Should’ve looked into this more and the under 3.5 would’ve been an easy win. Bummer but this is what the true gambler needs to do. Strategize, evaluate, and repeat.

In the basketball world, Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. If anyone thought Golden State was going to win this game, there was no point to debating the moneyline. The spread was Golden State -3.5. I thought this was small but didn’t want an extra investment in the series as I had Golden State to win. The situation isn’t so much that Golden State will definitely cover, it’s more that if Cleveland is going to lose they’re going to be bummed and dragging at the end. Everyone saw a perfect example of this when Curry drove uncontested for an easy deuce. Game was over at that point and the spread wasn’t a factor.

Have you ever hit an easy win from a situational bet? This could include knowing the outcome was going to be slightly altered by current events…you could’ve had the Saints after Katrina or maybe Steve Smith’s revenge game against the Panthers. What were your situational bets and how’d they work out for you?