Superbowl poll!

21 Jan

The Ravens and 49ers are in the Superbowl, teams I didn’t like because of their coaching decisions are the last teams remaining and last game of the year to make a pick for. I took the 49ers with a preseason future bet so I will win something even if I take the Ravens. I gave serious consideration to this exact matchup in preseason which would’ve paid 20-1 but oh well.

Ravens: Ray Lewis will be a major headline and their team successfully united around preventing his retirement party. They played better of both games this week. Flacco is playing great and won’t be the worst QB to win it all if he does. As pointed out by a fellow degenerate gambler, the best team in the league doesn’t win the Superbowl. Although I disagree with this, I see his point; that the NFL is the only professional sport not to play a best-of-X series and a team can win it all by getting lucky or playing better on one day.

49ers: Kaepernick is better than advertised but also has a phenomenal coach. Jim Harbaugh didn’t run Kaep’ much at all during the Falcons game yet. The reasoning for this seems to be that the Falcons were prolly preparing for it all week and when a spy is watching the QB just hand it off and your RB will score 2+ TD’s on the same play. Defense wins championships and although the ‘Niners gave up more points on Sunday,  they have the better D.

All in all, I have no clue who I’m picking yet.

Who would you?


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